June 30, 2003

This is definitely an off-day for me.
Once again, my car isn't working. I have to bring it in for a complete check-up tomorrow... hopefully it will be done in one day!!! They have to replace the windscreen too, considering the full width crack in it.
I still have no bike...
I better not meet the person that actually stole my bike right now!!! no no no
It's pouring rain outside.... And of course, I have to be just about everywhere today... well, you know what I mean.
Contrary to the person that stole my bike, I will have to walk to "everywhere" today.
If I could just buy a bike today, that would really help me a lot.
I just called a store where I had seen some fairly cheap, but good bikes last week.
I wondered whether or not I could actually ride the bike immediately if i bought it there, cuz I'd have to go their by bus.
Their reply? "If you can put it together yourself, you can. If you can't, I'm afraid you won't be able ride it right away".
Just great!!!!

I also asked the janitor's wife this morning where she'd advise me to buy another bike. She told me about this second-hand store, which sold bikes too. They sell a lot of stuff like furniture and old books and things like that... Especially when they're OPEN ! ! ! ! Which was not the case today I might add!!!
I'm soaked by walking that distance already, I'm just inside for a little while just to make sure I'm all dried up before I take that really long walk all over the city.

Ugh!! I wish someone would just bring me a bike some time. They've stolen enough bikes from me out here in the city. Stupid city. If I'd still be living in Neerpelt I wouldn't even need a bike, the garage for my car would be closer, I would be closer to my family and I wouldn't have to worry whether or not my bike would still be where I last put it the moment I want to use it.

Oh, well I'm living here now and I'll be staying here too. It's got it's advantages too, but days like these make me wonder you know?
I guess I really should get going to make sure I get everything done today. And besides, I'm all dried up too so....
Well off I go!!!

Take Care!


Posted by Marsha at 01:12 PM
June 25, 2003
Your Keyphrases

Some of the visitors of this site are looking for really awkward things.
I mean!!! !

Things that make me wonder:
"things that shouldn't get sucked up the vacuum cleaner pics" hmm
"how to enlarge your penis" [i] My thoughts on this one? This person probably doesn't really have an e-mail address I guess. .... Hey wait a minute... Why don't I forward all my spam? lol gimme your e-mail address and I'm sure you'll find some help. lol[/i]
"stepping on thumbtacks" [i]Guess I'm not the only one. [/i]
"9786" [i]Now that really weird... how does someone looking for that, end up on my website... [/i]

You have to agree these things really make you wonder right?

Anyway that's it for today.
Talk to you soon.
Take care.


Posted by Marsha at 07:23 AM
June 17, 2003
My lyrics

Something that just happened to me.
It's actually quite funny. I'm working on this new song of mine.
And I catch myself starting to weigh these lyrics against the other ones I've written. Asking myself whether or not this is the best one I've written so far.

Lol. I can't make up my mind. I guess I love all of my lyrics and songs. They're all really special in their own way.

And i guess everyone will be entitled to their own opinion soon as they get out there.

(Oops, just noticed that a title of one of my new songs found its way into this short entry. lol. winking )

Well, C Ya.


Posted by Marsha at 07:17 PM
The weekend.

First of all, sorry for being so absent during the weekend. I've been really ill. Spent most of my time in bed. and now I officially detest the taste of this coughing syrup, simply because of what it stands for: the inability to speak for over a minute, let alone sing a song, without coughing.

I just love singing and I can't have it that my voice is cracking up, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, in the previous entry of mine I was talking about the way music and the emphasis within the music changed... I'm figuring it out now how it happened.
I'm reading a book about music, the evolution of musical styles, music and emotion. It's quite enlightening I might add. Just thought I'd let you know.

I'll talk more soon.
Got lots of work to do.


Posted by Marsha at 06:21 PM
June 11, 2003

Ok so I didn't write anything the day following the last entry. I'm sorry for that.
I've been really busy finishing some things that needed to be finished.

The other thing about the weekend that I wanted to tell you about was something about the music in the club I went to on Saturday.
I think I might have mentioned this before though. But I'm not sure.
It's just so sad how some songs are sort of used as an attack on people's hearing.

It seemed to me that it was all some sort of strategy the DJ used to make sure that the crowd appreciated what he was doing. First comes the pain, attained by combining excessive volume of hi-end and mid-tone area, and then comes the relief which is actually a result of turning those two a bit down and the bass way up.
Seemed to me that, by the end of the night the DJ himself had gotten a bit less sensitive when it comes to the hi-end and mid-tone area, so the attack on the ears lasted longer and hurt more, and everything got louder.
I used to think that it was just me getting older, but I'm not that old yet! Plus, when it comes to music the way it used to be and the way it used to be played.... PLEASE TURN THE VOLUME UP. And I'm not the only one thinking this, and even more so... why are all the retro tracks so popular???
Now there must be some good reason for that right????

Could it be cuz of the creativity that can find in the tracks? the originality? the unfearful experimenting with ideas, not trying to make it a commercial success? or could it be that they were just a lot more balanced in all areas???
Just some things that I wonder about, you know. It's just strange how the emphasis in dance/house/trance music used to be primarily on the bass
How that somehow changed to mid-tones and hi-end.... beats me!!shake

Anyway, I just prefer things being balanced, maybe that's because I'm a libra. Who knows, right?

That's it for today.
Take Care

Posted by Marsha at 09:22 PM
June 09, 2003

Barbecue. That's THE most suitable word for this weekend.
On Saturday, a friend called my house and asked whether or not I'd come the BBQ he was having. It was a quite enjoyable evening. Even though I didn't eat much the food was delicious. I just never eat much. Well that's what people say to me at least. Personally, I'd phrase it a little different. I never over-eat. I give my stomach the chance to tell me that I'm not hungry anymore.
There's no use in over-eating really. It only makes the stomach grow larger, and, consequently, creates a bigger appetite. Which means you eat more than you really need, which means that you grow bigger too. And that's not really one of my ambitions to be honest.

On Sunday I had another barbecue, even though the weather was really stormy before it started, during the time we ate it was really nice outside.

Speaking of weather.... FINALLY IT COOLED DOWN, FINALLY WE HAD SOME RAIN. Lol. Doesn't seem like a logical thing to say but, yeah... finally we had some rain.
Thunder, lightning, wind, rain... they were all raging across the country. I heard that someone's house got struck by lightning and burnt down entirely. That's so awful. I mean: Imagine that! Imagine just an ordinary day and at one point you just can't avert the destruction of your house, with most of your things in it even. That's just so terrible.
That must be a really tough point in one's life, must take a lot of strength and support and certainly time to get back to the state your life was in before that, don't you think.

Well, I'm glad nothing like that happened to me yet. We've had a little fire in my parent's place a long long long time ago though. But that only really damaged the bathroom.
That was because of the old hairdryer didn't cool down properly anymore. And it caught fire after we left. My sister was alone when the fire started. I don't know how she figured out that there was a fire in the bathroom. We all knew that the hairdryer wasn't working properly anymore so I guess she must have smelled something or that she saw smoke or something. She took a bucket of water to the bathroom door, opened it and immediately threw the water into the corner where the hairdryer was. Thank God nothing bad happened.

Anyway, I'm tired, need some sleep. I have some more things about the weekend to tell you but Iíll do that tomorrow or the day after cuz that might take me too long to write right now and I'm tired (and I know I'm repeating myself but I'm too tired to re-read the whole structure and phrasing to change it)
I'll talk to you tomorrow.



Posted by Marsha at 02:20 AM
June 04, 2003
Ouch! (2)

For those who have no clue why this entry is called "ouch! (2)" I guess the title does make you wonder, right? lol. The first "ouch"-entry was about me stepping into a thumbtack.

This one on the other hand, is about Marsha the handy woman, lol. Yeah, yeah, yeah... I can hear you all laughing while wondering what I did this time.

Well I told you all about the screen I was going to buy to keep my house "fly-free" and stuff, right? So I bought these "insect curtains" as they seem to call it.
I had to attach a bar right above the door, with screws...
The screws wouldn't go in so I figured I could make something like a tiny hole first with the use of a nail... and of course a hammer. smash I like doing that kind of stuff though... and I'm usually quite good at it too.

And guess what....!!!! you probably guessed right. The nails wouldn't go in as easy as I would have thought so I decided to try and smack my thumb into the wood. MAN THAT HURTS!!!
I just spent 5 minutes rubbing my thumb while keeping it under cold water. It still hurts now, but at least I'm kinda sure that my nail won't come off, cuz I think I remember from somewhere in my childhood that a nail coming off isn't really the most enjoyable experience in life.

Oh well I'll give it another go in a second when the pain has worn off a bit. Meanwhile I'll occupy my mind with questions like "why didn't you buy a flyswatter while you were in the store? They were right in front of you."
I guess I was thinking something along the lines of "if this thing works like it should I won't need it" or something.

Anyway, just thought I'd share the pain with you all!

Talk to you later,

Posted by Marsha at 08:04 PM
Hot in the city

It seems like there's just not enough oxygen in the air. I went to the gym today. Without realizing it I was actually working out for over two and a half hours. I only noticed when i was changing in the changing room that I spent that much time working out.... And that while it was sooooo hot. I'm kinda proud of myself that I didn't spent the time looking at the clock with this heat.innocentBut then again, if I'd spent my time looking at the clock in the gym that wouldn't really be a good sign.

I used to do that, till a friend of mine told me that that wasn't a good idea. (Thank you Steven Lijnen ... btw where the heck are you!!! lol.... now all you English speaking people try to pronounce that last name.... I can imagine how you'd pronounce it. lol cute though lol)

Anyway, it's sooo hot out here. I was just making dinner and I can tell you that it wasn't only the food that was being heated. The room was incredibly hot...
Now take this saying literally 'If you can't stand the heat stay out of the kitchen.' So I did escape the kitchen while cooking. The result of that ... think you can guess too... the fish was getting reeeeeeeeeeeeeally crusty when i got back to the kitchen. lol

Well anyway, I still have some shopping to do. I'm gonna get a screen to keep the flies and the mosquitoes and flies out of my house. I REALLY NEED THAT NOW!

I'm off to the store now.

Take Care

Posted by Marsha at 05:51 PM