June 30, 2003

This is definitely an off-day for me.
Once again, my car isn't working. I have to bring it in for a complete check-up tomorrow... hopefully it will be done in one day!!! They have to replace the windscreen too, considering the full width crack in it.
I still have no bike...
I better not meet the person that actually stole my bike right now!!! no no no
It's pouring rain outside.... And of course, I have to be just about everywhere today... well, you know what I mean.
Contrary to the person that stole my bike, I will have to walk to "everywhere" today.
If I could just buy a bike today, that would really help me a lot.
I just called a store where I had seen some fairly cheap, but good bikes last week.
I wondered whether or not I could actually ride the bike immediately if i bought it there, cuz I'd have to go their by bus.
Their reply? "If you can put it together yourself, you can. If you can't, I'm afraid you won't be able ride it right away".
Just great!!!!

I also asked the janitor's wife this morning where she'd advise me to buy another bike. She told me about this second-hand store, which sold bikes too. They sell a lot of stuff like furniture and old books and things like that... Especially when they're OPEN ! ! ! ! Which was not the case today I might add!!!
I'm soaked by walking that distance already, I'm just inside for a little while just to make sure I'm all dried up before I take that really long walk all over the city.

Ugh!! I wish someone would just bring me a bike some time. They've stolen enough bikes from me out here in the city. Stupid city. If I'd still be living in Neerpelt I wouldn't even need a bike, the garage for my car would be closer, I would be closer to my family and I wouldn't have to worry whether or not my bike would still be where I last put it the moment I want to use it.

Oh, well I'm living here now and I'll be staying here too. It's got it's advantages too, but days like these make me wonder you know?
I guess I really should get going to make sure I get everything done today. And besides, I'm all dried up too so....
Well off I go!!!

Take Care!


Posted by Marsha at June 30, 2003 01:12 PM