June 25, 2003
Your Keyphrases

Some of the visitors of this site are looking for really awkward things.
I mean!!! !

Things that make me wonder:
"things that shouldn't get sucked up the vacuum cleaner pics" hmm
"how to enlarge your penis" [i] My thoughts on this one? This person probably doesn't really have an e-mail address I guess. .... Hey wait a minute... Why don't I forward all my spam? lol gimme your e-mail address and I'm sure you'll find some help. lol[/i]
"stepping on thumbtacks" [i]Guess I'm not the only one. [/i]
"9786" [i]Now that really weird... how does someone looking for that, end up on my website... [/i]

You have to agree these things really make you wonder right?

Anyway that's it for today.
Talk to you soon.
Take care.


Posted by Marsha at June 25, 2003 07:23 AM