May 31, 2003
Sticky Belgium...

Can someone tell me why it's so incredibly hot out here??? ugh... I can't stand this heat and I didn't have a good night sleep the past night...
If only it would be a little bit more bearable out here, e.g. a little less stickiness would be welcome actually.

Nonetheless, today has been a good day though. I washed my car, came up with a couple of possible ideas for songs... Couple of gimmicks I might want to use somewhere.

Anyway, I can't stand this heat yawna nd have to make sure I lift my arms every five seconds in order to be able to detach them from my desk without pain. lol.
Not really though, but I really don't like too much heat, that is Belgian heat is really annoying and hard to sleep in and all you know.

Actually, when I finally started to fall asleep last night, some stupid mosquito seemed to have detected some food source in the bed... ME. grrr!!!
It must have been early morning ... around seven a.m. Till that time I'd only been tossing and turning.

But I guess the weather's never really perfect, and there's always something to complain about when it comes to weather, right?
Maybe I should just be glad I don't live in Siberia or Africa, or something where the temperatures are little bit more to the extreme.

That's it for now... Maybe I'll write some more later.
Probably will cuz there's nothing much to do around here.


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oh and for the record on more thing I would like to add here today.

I HATE SPAM!!!! cussing

I really wish someone would figure out some sort of miracle thing to actually stop this stuff.
It's just plain enervating sometimes. 15 spam mails for every real e-mail I get is just a little over the top don't you think?

Anyway, love you all.

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Thursday Night

It's thursday night now. It's really warm out here in Belgium, and the mosquitoes definitely found their way into my apartment. I actually found one waiting for me right here at my desk just now. It's gone now...

There nothing much to tell at this time. No one I know is online it seems. There's nothing on tv, except for some movies on the two movie channels but one is a scary movie and the other one is one I already seen: X-men. That's a great movie btw. I think I might go and see the second one at the movie theater soon. Guess I have to hurry cuz I don't think it's going to be on for much longer.

I went to see The Matrix Reloaded last Sunday. The first one was better, and I don't really think that anyone who didn't see the first one could actually have a clue of what's happening in this second one. I did think the music in the Matrix and in the Matrix Reloaded was AWESOME.

Think that's all for today. I'm going to take a shower and try to get some sleep... which is not quite the easy thing to accomplish with this heat... But I guess it's just liken with everything else in life ... not meant to be easy. lol.

Take care everyone,

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May 26, 2003
Just Great

My bike is gone!!! Someone stole my bike!!! Someone stole my bike from right behind my apartment even!!!! rantGrrr!
That's just great!!! Now I'm almost completely immobile...

I spent about an hour and a half to two hours looking for my bike in the city. I guess that's one of the disadvantages of living in a city with an incredible amount of students. They seem to have this "nice" habit of stealing bikes, especially for getting to parties, to the train station, and to the "Oude Markt" (which is a kind of market place with lots of little cafés).

No luck yet. Even though I covered quite a large area, I didn't find my bike.
I can only hope that the people stealing my bike do the same thing they did once before. BRING IT BACK. (That was one astonishing experience, imagine finding your stolen bike in front of your house the next day!)

Anyway, I'm going to the police tomorrow to report my bike stolen, and I'm going to get my car fixed... so I've got quite a busy schedule for tomorrow.

ps. If anyone would like to know what my bike looks like to help me find it in Leuven, let me know via e-mail.

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May 20, 2003
Nothing much to say

I'm really tired today, didn't get anything done today... well a little bit...
I went to the gym in the evening, while I usually go and start my day there.
I only worked out for about an hour, which is (imho) a little short.
I promised myself I won't do it again...
I mean I won't go for just an hour after today.
I'm going to work out for my daily 2 or 1,5 hours at least ...
Sometimes more, sometimes less.

Ooh !!! This entry seems really egocentric at first sight ...
I started just about every line with "I".
I shouldn't do that. (lol. wink)

Like I said, I'm really tired today yawn,
so I think I'll just keep it a short entry.
(including this line, I have managed to write about about 15 (and 1/2) lines of meaningless content in this entry ... ughhh)
Zzz, Zzz, Zzz... Well, I'm off... going to end my day with the last letter of the alphabet, just so I can start it with the first letter of the alphabet tomorrow. (instead of starting it with a growl ;) )


ps. after all the nonesense, I do have something useful to say (well sort of anyway... not really but it's good news to me anyway) I FINALLY RECEIVED MY NICKELBACK CD !!!! rotate

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May 15, 2003
My dogs

Today I want to share with you a couple of pictures of the sweet doggies that we (my family) have. heheh. I love them sooooo.... much, they're really such sweethearts. You can click the images for a larger version of the picture (as usual)

This is actually my sisters dog. His name is Sam (although we usually call him Sammeke, because he's so small you see. lol. :) He's quite a charachter. He's eager to please, can't stand to be alone, or better said without my sister around. She's spoils him to pieces I guess. ;) (no offense sis) But he's very lovable nonetheless. I'd almost say Sammeke if you read this I love you, but I guess my sister still didn't manage to teach him how to read... let alone he'd be surfing to my journal. lol. He's got a very big will-to-please though, he's gotten pretty far in dog school (but they just don't teach 'em how to read HAHAHHA)

This is my sweetheart, and also the oldest of the two. My sweetie pie is called Woefke. (pronounced Woofke actually for those interested.) This picture was taken a long long time ago in his puppy years. I think we only had him a year or so at that time. He may have lost his puppy hair but he certainly did not lose any of his character traits. lol. I'd say on the contrary, he's only gotten more of those remarkable stubborn and persistent charachteristics with time. I remember it all to well how I went to dogschool with my dear Woefke. If he didn't feel like doing the things I asked him to do, or he just didn't see the purpose of it all, he just wouldn't do it no matter what I did. I could do anything ... I remember how I failed the test to get to the next level a couple of times... grrr. Then one day I promised him a steak if he'd just PLEASE PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE would stand up if I asked him to. You'd almost think he'd understood what I had said cuz I passed the test that day!!! Come to think of it ... OOOOH NOOO I'm so mean ... .I don't think I ever really gave him the steak... no wonder I never passed any other test... ok I have to make sure he gets a steak ... just to make up. lol. Love you Woefke.

Anyway I'm off now.


ps. Thanks for the picture Wendy.

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May 12, 2003
Real NON-player!

Has anyone of you ever had a problem with Real Player?
This application has NEVER EVER worked like it should on any of my computers in the past, with any configuration, with any OS. It's just plain rubbish if you ask me. thumbsdown

Every now and then I just really want to listen to a file online, or watch something and it's only available in a real player format, but after installing it and then clicking the link it never works!!!!!

No matter how i configure this player, it never works.

After going through the whole installation process, incl. registration, AGAIN, I have to say that I officially give up on Real Player. I'm not going to install it ever again.

I think I might just start some sort of campagne lol, nah, it's not even worth the effort but is gonna get a visit of mine to send customer feedback.
Normally, I wouldn't even have to do this, because real player offers a feature to send quality feedback to their server. But after clicking a link, from the net, the player starts up (so it obviously received something From the net right?), so after I click a link and it doesn't work again, i sometimes tried to get information from the real player server to see what's going on, you know?
The only result of that is that it says that IT CAN NOT CONNECT TO THE INTERNET.
Only question that arises in my mind at that time is "Then where do you think you got the link, that you obviously can not play, from??? The net if I'm not mistaken!!!!"

So anyway, I'm done with real player, real player days are completely over. I now officially declare that there's no way i'm ever going to use that application again. Not unless start making some severe changes to it.

Anyway that's enough of my ranting today, i'll write some more to you after I get back from the gym.


ps don't really feel like doing a spell check, hope that's ok though.

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May 08, 2003
Now Really!!!

At first I was sort of planning to write about a book I've read a while ago, but then I just quickly - just for fun - checked Google for websites that mentioned my name... lol. It's actually hilarious...
Did anyone ever do that? It's really funny.
The crazy things people come up with.

Within the first results page there are no less than 4 weblinks to so called nude pictures of me. dropjaw HAHAHAHAH!!!! Now seriously... LOL!!!
I'm quite sure no one has nude pics of me. lol. Absolutely positive... unless of course someone would have put a camera in my house somewhere without my knowing... and I seriously doubt that!!

It's really hilarious.
If anyone ever finds one, feel free to send it to me, I'm sure we'll all have a good laugh about it too!!! lol

Come to think of it, I'd almost consider it a compliment, cuz the description of the link is something like "we have nude pictures of all your stars." ... blushed
lol. So I guess at least those people consider me a star, right?
Really hilarious that's all I can say.

oh btw, the book I read some time ago is Nameless Magery by Delia M. Turner. (The middlename, which I assume is her maiden name, is a name I rather not mention on my site anymore. If you have read my past entries, try to look up the info about the book and I bet you know why I didn't put it here. lol) The book is written in a very easy-reading kind of style. I really don't like it when they use language that you're unlikely to hear from day to day, you know. But this book was really EXCELLENT. It may sound silly but I started to read it for the second time. Wonder what's going to happen now!!! lol. heheh.

Anyway, that's it for today I think.

Take Care.


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May 05, 2003

While driving on the highway yesterday, some sort of belt kind of thing, got slung from underneath my car. My first guess was, and still is 'cuz I didn't get it fixed yet, that it's the belt of the alternator (if that's what you call it in English that is).

Anyway, this alternator device is supposed to make sure that my battery doesn't die. I guess you could compare it a little bit with a dynamo on a bike or something. (how do I know all this? I just know. That's what you get when you drive a 13year old car for a couple of years. My previous car was a Ford Sierra 2300D built in 1983. You have no choice but to learn a thing here and there. Guess I got a bit of "car-smart" that way. lol) Ok, I looked alternator up in my Colins-Cobuild English dictionary, and it says: "Device used especially in a car, that creates an electrical current that changes direction as it flows."

So anyway this thing is supposed to feed my battery, the belt is gone, only electrical current out of my battery not into the battery. Which means I have to go everywhere by bike right now. Not that I mind riding a bike, but it's not really convenient to teach someone how to drive a car if your car is in a repair shop.
I still have to bring it in. I'll do that tomorrow... That is if my car still starts. Once the motor is running, the motor will keep running. It's only the starting that I need some flow from the battery for.

Oh well, this is getting to technical for a artist related journal, so I should just go now.

Maybe I'll write some more later.


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May 04, 2003
note to cousin Rachel

(hope you get to read this though)

Only yesterday my dad told me that my cousin Rachel was performing somewhere. I was surprised to hear she sang, let alone perform somewhere. You know? (heck this girl is performing in Belgium... which is more than I can say, cuz I have yet to do my first performance in Belgium... no explanation needed I hope(?))

But!!! Nevertheless, either way, even though you're one of the people I haven't seen in years and years: I'm proud of you, Rachel.
Keep it up!


Posted by Marsha at 03:02 PM
The things I take for granted...

The things I take for granted... or maybe, better said, I usually take for granted.

Life, being able to drive my car, having a car at all, having a family and friends, having a roof over my head, being able to hear and see and feel, being "healthy", walking, talking, being able to love ....

There are tons of things that I really believe most people don't really appreciate as much as they should in life. I mean, even the littlest thing that one takes for granted could be missing the next day, I mean really missing, you feel it's just not there anymore.

I'm glad I still have both my parents. For some people having parents is even not so self-evident. I know I should visit my parents a lot more than I do right now, but I just somehow don't get around to as often as I would like to.
I guess I take for granted that they're there and that they're likely to be there the next day too... although that's not necissarily true. You know what I mean?

I only have one grandparent left... she's in the hospital right now. She's ill. I haven't visitted her in such a long time that I even think that my paying her a visit in the hospital might make her think that I just came to say goodbye or something. I know it sounds awefull, but I guess I'm a bit ashamed of not being with my family as much as i should be. And I could make promisses right here saying that I'll visit more often, but I just know I'll break that promise. My intentions are good, and I love every single person of my family A LOT. But I'm so busy, and they all live so far away from me that I just don't make the time to. I do feel guilty about that.
Especially when I see that in all his pride and joy about my career my dad tells my family about my career, and they end up sending me an e-mail and/or signing my guestbook.

I usually cry when I see that. It just moves me the way they, in their own way, are proud of me, even though some of them haven't even seen me in years.tears I wish things were different, but they just aren't. We all have our own lives and I really hope from the bottom of my heart that they all know that I do think about them from time to time, and that I do love them. .... - sigh - I wish they were all here, so I could give them all a hug, you know... (although I think that some would feel a bit uncomfortable if I'd do that, lol) but still, I should appreciate my family more.

As you may have noticed, money itself is not on my list of things I take for granted. Maybe I do take that for granted somewhat, but I've been through hell only a little while ago and I admire people who are able to push themselves through life that way, every day. I don't know if I would be able to do that. But I do know what it's like to consider every buy fifty times, even butter or cheese or whatever had to be thought of in a "do-I-really-need-this-to-survive?" kind of way.

And besides, money does not make the world go round. It usually even makes the world go wrong. It's love for live, love to live, love for everything that makes the world go round.

So to anyone who reads this: "please don't let your mind get trouble by minor issues like e.g. what channel your going to watch, or you can't see this or that show, or that your partners is late for dinner or whatever. Don't get into fights over things that really don't matter in the long run you know? Think about what does matter to you as a person, as a human being. Think about what you have, appreciate every little thing, cuz it may not be there the next day. Make sure that you're never angry at eachother when you say goodbye. Think about the difference things, thoughts, actions, words can make in the long run. Cuz that's what counts. Accept eachother for what you are, don't deny another person isn't what you believe they should be. And most of all. LIVE YOUR LIFE, don't be live. Don't live your life pretending, JUST BE." - Hope that makes sense. (hope I didn't sound like I was preaching or anything.... I did huh? ... Oh well... ) I just needed to get some stuff off my chest cuz I really think people get carried away in things that don't really matter in the end you know. Like they're not really aware of the value of life and all things and people around them. that's all.

I'll end this entry by addressing my family and friends and all the people that have always been there for me, if you don't mind.

I want you to know that I love you all, forever.


ps. don't have the time for a spell check so I hope there aren't too many mistakes in this one here.

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May 02, 2003

I knew it, I knew it, I knew it. I doubted to write about the CD I had bought for my mom in my previous entry. I figured that, since my mom doesn't have internet, and my sister rarely checks this journal it wouldn't spoil the surprise. I didn't give it to her yet.

Just a coincidence... my sister did check this journal and immediately called my mom to ask her about the CD. My mom, who knew I had a surprise for her, now was completely sure about what it was. So much for the surprise.

Grrr. Of all days my sister could have checked this journal, she chose today... oh well... figures....
I'm glad my mom's still happy with the surprise though. She loves Enrique's song "Hero".
Speak soon.


Posted by Marsha at 11:13 PM
Last CD's

The last couple of CD's that I bought are Madonna's GHV 2 , Mission Mini presented by Kosheen. The first CD is probably known to all, then the other one is a mixed compilation which contains among others Paul Oakenfold's Southern Sun and Timo Maas' Shifter.

Aside from things I bought for myself, I bought my mom the last album released by Enrique Iglesias. The guy has a couple really good songs I must admit... I guess it's another case of "sing-along-songs" that I like. lol.

The next CD that I'm going to buy is Nickelback's Silver Side Up. Now there's a band who knows how to do it. If you really listen closely to the way this guy sings... I really admire the way he sings. He's really putting his everything in all his songs. Plus, the lyrics ... I can't even comment on that. They're really extraordinary.
I really think he reminds me how much you can give of yourself by releasing music.

I'm afraid to mention it even but I might buy E-minem's CD too. (you think they'll end up on my site again searching for him if I misspell it like this??? lol)
I'm not sure about that yet.

Anyway, that's about it for now.

I guess after these buys, you could say that I bought a CD for just about every genre that's "hot" in the charts these days right? Ok, I have yet to buy a CD of Justin Timberlake or the likes. lol. I might... who knows, I don't even know what's on his CD's plus I need to check my finances first lol.

Talk to you some more soon.


Posted by Marsha at 12:17 PM