April 27, 2003
Just a picture

Just a picture for today.

Marsha as a toddler. lol
Thought some of you might like this one.


Btw: It's Madonna-weekend on TV here. :)


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April 22, 2003
Heard it ...

Listening to some old songs. What's on my list of favorites?
TONS of THINGS!!! lol.
Every period of my life has a song to it.
"Love is a battlefield" by Pat Benatar, "Borderline" by Madonna, "Love and Pride" by King, "Mountains O'things" by Tracy Chapman, "Gold" by Spandau Ballet, "In the Air Tonight" by Phil Collins, "A Forest" by The Cure, "Closer to Fine" by Indigo Girls, "I want your sex" by George Michael, "Troy" by Sinead O'Connor, "Manchild" and "I've got you under my skin" by Neneh Cherry, "Girl you know it's true" by Milli Vanilli (How embarrassing it must have been for them when people found out that they weren't the real singers huh. ;)) ... Anyway, my list goes on and on.

One song I didn't mention yet which is on the top of my list... "I heard it through the grapevine" by Marvin Gaye. I LOVE THAT SONG. I guess it has to do with the events that I attach to it. I got to know that song because my sister and I used to go to all the performances of one of our favorite bands here in Belgium: The Radios.
They used to do that song at all of their performances. We traveled all across Belgium by train, bus, on foot... anything as long as we got there (remember sis? smile Those were the days, huh?)
So one summer day, it must have been when I was about 19; I was just hanging out at a local bar with my friends from school.
They were having a karaoke night. Really a lot of fun. Everyone just did a song, and I guess I just didn't want to be any different, trying to fit in at that point of my life, you know how it goes. But anyway, that's not the point now (would become a really long entry if I'd talk to you about that.)

I noticed that "I heard it through the grapevine" was on the list too... So I chose to do that one. Most of my friends didn't even know the song, and even though this is quite an advantage, I just wanted to do it because I loved the song. It just flows, sways through the verses and chorus. You just HAVE TO love it. (Oh well I guess it's just a matter of opinion, so if you don't like it.... It's all good. lol)

So when it was up to me to sing this song in front of my friends and other people there, I obviously got a bit nervous ... excited is a more suitable word. There was no doubt in my mind I could do it. While singing it I finally knew what this one sentence was they used in the lyrics, cuz I never quite understood what they were singing there at the performances lol. "people say believe half of what you see, some say none of what you hear." Glad knew that finally.
Afterwards, the guy from the karaoke thing, took the mic back from me and said "Well there's someone who has obviously done this more often". My answer? "Nope. Only in the shower"

And that was the plain truth, cuz this was the first time I actually sang live through a mic (not counting childhood where I did a number of sing along performances and some songs in church in front of a mic.... And, come to think of it... Why did they always pick me to do that!!! lol)

Anyway I guess, you could say that this was a turning point in my life cuz I got a lot of nice compliments about my singing, from the karaoke guy, from my friends, even later that week still. You could say I got confirmation of my talent, which I already felt I had in me.... Did I really need that confirmation? ... I don't really think so, but it did help me make up my mind about what I wanted later. It's silly to wait for confirmation, and I didn't wait, but what it really did is help me believe in me when I needed to.

I guess this is enough for today.
If you got through this till the end without your head hitting the keyboard: Thank you for reading. wink


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April 14, 2003
Things and what they seem

It's too funny really. I was just looking outside and noticed something in a tree across the street. There was this absolutely big dove sitting on a very thin branch. And I do mean that this branch was VERY THIN and the dove was REALLY BIG.
All branches were swaying with the rush of the wind, and this dove just sat there, calmly swaying on this branch. Apparently not everything is what it seems....
Apparently branches that LOOK like they're quite thin, frail, fragile, or whatever, seem to be strongest when it comes down to standing the test (whether it's the weight of a fat dove, or the wind, or the seemingly fatal combination of the two... )

Something to think about right? ;)

Anyway, I gotto run, (want to be at the gym in time today).

See you all later.


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April 07, 2003
What Music can do...

Do you realize what music can do for people?
Just a little while ago, I visited my mother 'cuz I'd promised her I'd come around to brush the dogs.
While taking a break, I decided to watch some TV.
Dutch television was broadcasting a documentary about children who were either deaf or hard of hearing. That in itself is not really so very exceptional.
However, this particular broadcast showed how these kids were taken to their first real classical orchestra concert.
How peculiar, you might say, and indeed it is. It's incredible what this experience meant for these children and what it did for them too.

There was one boy who was allowed to play along with the orchestra. He was one of the timpanists. (it's like a big drum sort of for those who are unfamiliar with the instrument.) One girl, hard of hearing, and another that was deaf, also joined the orchestra for the show. Their job was to express the emotion within the music in their own personal way.
The one that was hard of hearing giving her interpretation by dancing to the music. The deaf girl was telling a story through sign language. (I assume that she interpreted it by looking at the other girl dance and by the gestures of the musicians or something, I'm not sure... I think I missed that part of the broadcast.) I might add that both girls and the boy did an excellent job.

There are no words to describe the joy, the shine this experience brought upon the audience of children, deaf and hard of hearing. Their eyes glowing with sunshine, and their hands speaking excitement.

I was amazed by the power music seemed to have. Till then I guess I was completely oblivious of the fact that music has the power to move even those that can't hear it or can't really hear it in all its beauty.

Anyway, I thought I'd tell you about this cuz I think it's an fantastic initiative.

I'll talk to you soon.



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Place of my own.

So anyway, as I promised here's my entry for today.
I'm not gonna make a very long entry... (sorry about that, but it's after midnight now, and I'm getting quite tired)

I've been trying to get my place in shape. Trying to get my own style going here ... lol, you know, make it a real home.
It's not really easy to make sure that everything has its own place. Let's admit it, it's plain annoying that whenever you decide to either throw something out because it's needlessly taking up space, or whenever you decide to put it away in a box somewhere in a stack of boxes, you really NEED that particular thing. I think everyone needs it... maybe that's something like our subconscious working against us somehow... hm ... uhm.... nutboy nah, don't really think so ... it's probably just some sort of reminder, rising awareness for our subconscious that we actually have something like that. lol. I don't know... I'll think it over again tomorrow when I'm less tired.
It's not easy to organize this place so that everything has it's place. I just don't have that much stuff that I don't really need.
Except for, maybe, the old computer parts... and maybe i should finally get someone to put my extra speakers in my car (instead of them just lying around in my storage.... anyone wanna volunteer?)
I've been doing sooooo... much of this organizing, rearranging in my place, in my life actually ... and, in all honesty, I can say that as far as this place is concerned, it only seems to get worse... although I have some spots of this house cleaned up nicely the other places seem like such a mess. lol. Oh well, I'll get around to those some time soon.
As for my life, that only seems to get better and better... come to think of it... I'm absolutely positive the best is yet to come. she_dance

Anyway, I'm gonna go to bed. My head is practically hitting the keyboard "as we speak". So I guess I better call it a day before it's too late.

I already decided what I'm gonna write about tomorrow. It's got something to do with music. lol.

Good Night Everyone!

Big Kiss.

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April 06, 2003

Don't you hate it when you really really really want to do something but you just can't get to actually doing it.
That's what keeps happening to me anyway.
I really have written down a lot of stuff that I want to tell people here but I just need to make the time to put it in here. I haven't got much time.... well I do have the same amount of time as anyone else (24h a daydizzy) but it 's just that I'm spending on stuff I need to do first.

Well, I'll be back with another entry tonight.


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April 04, 2003

Does anyone know why people are commenting in this journal thinking that this is Eminem's website? It's not that I don't like his fans, or Eminem for that matter.

It's just that I merely discussed his song "Lose yourself", and I don't really see why this would give people the idea that this is Eminem's site? This is NOT EMINEM's SITE (nor is it an Eminem fan site) You'd almost think I'm the only one reviewing his track. lol.

With all due respect for both Eminem and his fans, I really think it's kind of silly commenting on a journal entry which you didn't read (and I'm sure they didn't cuz they would know that this is not the right site to do this)... let alone these particular Eminem Fans actually know whose site this is.
Oh and btw: his follow-up "Sing for the moment" ... Nice! Nice! ....
(Those knowing me, know that "Nice! Nice!" means that I like it a lot and not just moderately ... lol.)


(btw Russ C. sorry for not sending out that e-mail yet. I will get in touch with you soon. I promise.)

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April 02, 2003
So uhm...

Most of you must have been wondering where I've been, whether or not I'm still alive, what I've been up to, why I haven't been online, why I haven't been in touch etc.etc. I must admit that I found most of these questions on my voicemail, my answering machine and in my mailbox (which is a mess I might add more spam than anything else). I can only hope that anyone whose message remained unanswered to this very day, won't be upset about my not being in touch.

There's a quote that I would like to add to this: "The only correct actions are those that demand no explanation and no apology." - Red Auerbach, American Basketball Coach (1917)
One thing is for sure, and I hope you don't mind another quote :): "You can't aim a duck to death." - Gael Boardman, American Politician

Anyway, I hope you're still happy to see me???? paranoid
I know, I know, I'm just kidding. I'm absolutely positive that anyone not happy to see me, are most likely not even spending time reading this, right? lol.

This entry is only to make sure that everyone knows that I'm still alive... well pretty much... .... ... Yeah yeah yeah, I'm ok. lol Don't worry.
Don't have much time today, but I do have a lot to write about here, so in the next couple of days I'll definitely be writing again.

I'll B Back tomorrow (and YES you can be sure of that!)


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