June 04, 2003
Ouch! (2)

For those who have no clue why this entry is called "ouch! (2)" I guess the title does make you wonder, right? lol. The first "ouch"-entry was about me stepping into a thumbtack.

This one on the other hand, is about Marsha the handy woman, lol. Yeah, yeah, yeah... I can hear you all laughing while wondering what I did this time.

Well I told you all about the screen I was going to buy to keep my house "fly-free" and stuff, right? So I bought these "insect curtains" as they seem to call it.
I had to attach a bar right above the door, with screws...
The screws wouldn't go in so I figured I could make something like a tiny hole first with the use of a nail... and of course a hammer. smash I like doing that kind of stuff though... and I'm usually quite good at it too.

And guess what....!!!! you probably guessed right. The nails wouldn't go in as easy as I would have thought so I decided to try and smack my thumb into the wood. MAN THAT HURTS!!!
I just spent 5 minutes rubbing my thumb while keeping it under cold water. It still hurts now, but at least I'm kinda sure that my nail won't come off, cuz I think I remember from somewhere in my childhood that a nail coming off isn't really the most enjoyable experience in life.

Oh well I'll give it another go in a second when the pain has worn off a bit. Meanwhile I'll occupy my mind with questions like "why didn't you buy a flyswatter while you were in the store? They were right in front of you."
I guess I was thinking something along the lines of "if this thing works like it should I won't need it" or something.

Anyway, just thought I'd share the pain with you all!

Talk to you later,

Posted by Marsha at June 04, 2003 08:04 PM