June 04, 2003
Hot in the city

It seems like there's just not enough oxygen in the air. I went to the gym today. Without realizing it I was actually working out for over two and a half hours. I only noticed when i was changing in the changing room that I spent that much time working out.... And that while it was sooooo hot. I'm kinda proud of myself that I didn't spent the time looking at the clock with this heat.innocentBut then again, if I'd spent my time looking at the clock in the gym that wouldn't really be a good sign.

I used to do that, till a friend of mine told me that that wasn't a good idea. (Thank you Steven Lijnen ... btw where the heck are you!!! lol.... now all you English speaking people try to pronounce that last name.... I can imagine how you'd pronounce it. lol cute though lol)

Anyway, it's sooo hot out here. I was just making dinner and I can tell you that it wasn't only the food that was being heated. The room was incredibly hot...
Now take this saying literally 'If you can't stand the heat stay out of the kitchen.' So I did escape the kitchen while cooking. The result of that ... think you can guess too... the fish was getting reeeeeeeeeeeeeally crusty when i got back to the kitchen. lol

Well anyway, I still have some shopping to do. I'm gonna get a screen to keep the flies and the mosquitoes and flies out of my house. I REALLY NEED THAT NOW!

I'm off to the store now.

Take Care

Posted by Marsha at June 04, 2003 05:51 PM