June 09, 2003

Barbecue. That's THE most suitable word for this weekend.
On Saturday, a friend called my house and asked whether or not I'd come the BBQ he was having. It was a quite enjoyable evening. Even though I didn't eat much the food was delicious. I just never eat much. Well that's what people say to me at least. Personally, I'd phrase it a little different. I never over-eat. I give my stomach the chance to tell me that I'm not hungry anymore.
There's no use in over-eating really. It only makes the stomach grow larger, and, consequently, creates a bigger appetite. Which means you eat more than you really need, which means that you grow bigger too. And that's not really one of my ambitions to be honest.

On Sunday I had another barbecue, even though the weather was really stormy before it started, during the time we ate it was really nice outside.

Speaking of weather.... FINALLY IT COOLED DOWN, FINALLY WE HAD SOME RAIN. Lol. Doesn't seem like a logical thing to say but, yeah... finally we had some rain.
Thunder, lightning, wind, rain... they were all raging across the country. I heard that someone's house got struck by lightning and burnt down entirely. That's so awful. I mean: Imagine that! Imagine just an ordinary day and at one point you just can't avert the destruction of your house, with most of your things in it even. That's just so terrible.
That must be a really tough point in one's life, must take a lot of strength and support and certainly time to get back to the state your life was in before that, don't you think.

Well, I'm glad nothing like that happened to me yet. We've had a little fire in my parent's place a long long long time ago though. But that only really damaged the bathroom.
That was because of the old hairdryer didn't cool down properly anymore. And it caught fire after we left. My sister was alone when the fire started. I don't know how she figured out that there was a fire in the bathroom. We all knew that the hairdryer wasn't working properly anymore so I guess she must have smelled something or that she saw smoke or something. She took a bucket of water to the bathroom door, opened it and immediately threw the water into the corner where the hairdryer was. Thank God nothing bad happened.

Anyway, I'm tired, need some sleep. I have some more things about the weekend to tell you but Iíll do that tomorrow or the day after cuz that might take me too long to write right now and I'm tired (and I know I'm repeating myself but I'm too tired to re-read the whole structure and phrasing to change it)
I'll talk to you tomorrow.



Posted by Marsha at June 09, 2003 02:20 AM