June 11, 2003

Ok so I didn't write anything the day following the last entry. I'm sorry for that.
I've been really busy finishing some things that needed to be finished.

The other thing about the weekend that I wanted to tell you about was something about the music in the club I went to on Saturday.
I think I might have mentioned this before though. But I'm not sure.
It's just so sad how some songs are sort of used as an attack on people's hearing.

It seemed to me that it was all some sort of strategy the DJ used to make sure that the crowd appreciated what he was doing. First comes the pain, attained by combining excessive volume of hi-end and mid-tone area, and then comes the relief which is actually a result of turning those two a bit down and the bass way up.
Seemed to me that, by the end of the night the DJ himself had gotten a bit less sensitive when it comes to the hi-end and mid-tone area, so the attack on the ears lasted longer and hurt more, and everything got louder.
I used to think that it was just me getting older, but I'm not that old yet! Plus, when it comes to music the way it used to be and the way it used to be played.... PLEASE TURN THE VOLUME UP. And I'm not the only one thinking this, and even more so... why are all the retro tracks so popular???
Now there must be some good reason for that right????

Could it be cuz of the creativity that can find in the tracks? the originality? the unfearful experimenting with ideas, not trying to make it a commercial success? or could it be that they were just a lot more balanced in all areas???
Just some things that I wonder about, you know. It's just strange how the emphasis in dance/house/trance music used to be primarily on the bass
How that somehow changed to mid-tones and hi-end.... beats me!!shake

Anyway, I just prefer things being balanced, maybe that's because I'm a libra. Who knows, right?

That's it for today.
Take Care

Posted by Marsha at June 11, 2003 09:22 PM