July 23, 2003
Taking too long

It's a fact that sometimes it takes too long for me to decide what to write in this journal... especially if it's about things that are of meaning to me personally, things that will leave their ever-lasting mark on me... good things, bad things... just things that change me in one way or another, I guess.

One thing, a good thing, is the Love Parade... I still didn't figure out a way to communicate what I thought of it cuz I really think that no word will do. Even thinking about it moves me to the extent of crying sometimes.... That is if I'd let myself go... which I try not to do all to often. It just moves me to no end... There aren't any words that I can say that will do the whole experience justice...
All I'm saying is: ".............................." I'm lost for words to describe. (Rare occasion I might add).

Then another thing that I'll surely remember forever is my grandmother passing away while I was in Berlin. Enough said, I suppose. Another proof of contrasts defining life I guess.

All in all, I think I should consider myself lucky. Every now and then something less fortunate happens to me. But that only goes to show I'm no different from any other person alive. Everyone gets their share.... In my opinion if you try to find a way to grow through each and every experience you have, however bad it may seem at the time, you'll achieve. If you give life your best, luck will always find its way to you. hm sounds like lyrics.... uhm ...
writing, not always as easy as it seems
Nah... not now. Not in the mood, don't have the time. I can always look back into this journal afterwards.

Right now I have to get ready to leave.
My mom told me that some old-time friends of hers asked to get together. I'm looking forward to it. I'm such a melancholic sometimes... but then again... If looking back can make you happy... I guess everything is still quite ok, right? :)

This should be enough for today. I just thought I'd fill you in for now. I'll tell you more about the love parade as soon as I have some pictures to go with it. (Steve? .... Sylvia?)

Take care everyone!

Posted by Marsha at 03:26 PM
July 10, 2003

In yesterday's entry, I forgot to mention what happened to the deer.

The answer to that question is: "I don't know."

My friend and his dad went to check whether or not it was still there after I had called them (they live really close to where it happened). It was no longer there.
So it either got back up, or someone else turned who had seen it happen, or who'd seen the deer lying next to the road, took it with them or something.

I honestly don't know. All I can say is: I hope that IF it did die, it didn't suffer. I hope the deer's ok though. My friends told me "You'd be surprised how much an animal like that can take." They think it's likely to have recovered after being dazed or unconscious for a little while, and then took off.

I hope so. Although I'm afraid it must have had at least a broken leg. ... But then again.... what do I know, right?

I hope it's ok anyhow.

I have to start packing for the weekend.
We're going to the Loveparade (for those who didn't read the previous entry to the end.)
I'm sure it's gonna be fun. lovestruck

Take Care everyone!
I'll let you know how it was.


Posted by Marsha at 03:22 PM
July 09, 2003
oh dEEr

It's been a couple of days since I last wrote in my journal.
It's not that I didn't want to, cuz I did.
You will not believe what happened to me!!!

Remember I had my car all checked up, got everything done that should be done with it and all?
I was so glad that I finally was getting things done and that I wouldn't have to worry about my car breaking down anymore.

Well ... listen to this:
Monday evening I decided to go to Limburg, which is where my mom lives.
I was driving down the road, as usual, and all of a sudden this deer jumps in front of my car!!!
It all happened so fast. So fast I couldn't even really brake before I hit the darn deer. Stupid deer. I mean prancing out of the bush like that!
I was worried about the deer. I thought I had killed it, you know? I don't know how it is in other countries, but here in Belgium if you hit a wild animal with your car, you can't just go and pick it up, even if you just want to take care of it or something. That's called poaching here.
So I just drove along and somewhere down the road I just had to call someone, just to get rid of the awful feeling I had, you know. I felt so bad... even though there's no way in the world I could have prevented it from happening.

So anyway, I call my friend's house, and the first thing he asks me is: "Any damage to the car?"
"Huh.... I don't think so..." Everything seemed to function like it should. Little did I know that about 4 kilometers further down the road, the enigine's temperature would be going through the roof!

As soon as I had to opportunity to stop alongside the road, I went out and checked the front of the car...
Fluids leaking out of it like crazy!!! .... I didn't know what it was. Oil? Water???
The first thing that came to mind was "You must be kidding me! what Not again! Not now! Not now, when I just spent almost 300€ to get everything checked up!!"
Anyway, I ended up spending the night at my mom's. I kept trying to see what exactly broke in the front of the car. I thought it would be the radiator, but then my friends told me that they didn't think it was that.
You know when they eliminate the option that you think most likely to be the cause of the problem, that's when the mind starts to ramble all sorts of possibilities... like just about everything being forced at the joints and things like that which would actually be quite fatal for my car.)
Thank God I was right about it being the radiator.

Anyway, what's a bit funny about the whole situation is that my nickname here in Belgium is "hert" which means "deer". So when my sister heard about it she said "oh so the deer ran over a deer” my mom said the same thing, my friends mom said the same thing even. lol. (I hope you can see that I'm not letting this break my optimism, cuz things could be worse, you know?)

I felt kind of awkward after that whenever someone called me by my nickname. Cuz it made me feel bad and think about the damage that the other deer did to my car.


Oh btw, I was so happy that even though it's summer time, which means there's only two people working in that garage, they were willing and able to help me out. For about 200 euros my car is ok now.

I'm knocking on wood, cuz tomorrow I'm leaving for Berlin. I'm going to the Loveparade. I won't let my car ruing things for me. And besides, if that's the worst thing happening to me in life... I think I can consider myself among the luckier part of the world population.
We get together at a friend's place at about 9.30 pm. It's going to be a loooooooooong drive and I think we'll have to keep driving if we want to be in Berlin before rush hours start.

Good Night!!!


Posted by Marsha at 11:26 PM
July 03, 2003
Off to bed.

My guestbook seems to be an easy target for people who wish to advertise their site lately.
I wouldn't mind so much if these particular "advertisers" would really have a sort of respectable content, but the thing is THEY USUALLY DON'T.
Now I could get really annoyed by this, but I won't cuz it's really not worth the effort and I can use my energy for a much more useful purpose than to rant about something no one can do a thing about.

In stead, I just delete them. I doubt the advertisers get a lot of visitors through the link in my guestbook. I delete them the very same day, so there's really no or little use to spamming in my guestbook.
There are plenty of opportunities to advertise your site, I really don't understand why they don't use that instead of wasting time to have their link in my guestbook (or other non-related sites' guestbook for that matter) knowing that they are going to get erased ASAP.

But hey it's not my effort going to waste.

Anyway, that will all be over soon as the new site is up.
(well it should be over that is, and if it isn't it will definitely be reduced to a minimum.)

On a happier note: my car is fixed, my car is fixed, my car is fixed, my car is fixed.

I'm off to bed now. It's getting kinda late again.


Posted by Marsha at 01:47 AM
July 02, 2003

The new website is almost done.
The new songs are done.
The new ... oh no, nothing else I can add to this. Well just about that is. lol.

My car is done too, I'm going to pick it up now.
Apparently the windscreen couldn't be replaced cuz they had to order it.
So I'll have to wait for that.
I'm ok with waiting for it though, cuz the whole thing will cost me about €280 as it is, and the windscreen would cost about the same by itself.
So I'm ok with spreading the costs.
Anyway, I'm off now.

Talk to you later.
Take care.


Posted by Marsha at 03:24 PM