July 23, 2003
Taking too long

It's a fact that sometimes it takes too long for me to decide what to write in this journal... especially if it's about things that are of meaning to me personally, things that will leave their ever-lasting mark on me... good things, bad things... just things that change me in one way or another, I guess.

One thing, a good thing, is the Love Parade... I still didn't figure out a way to communicate what I thought of it cuz I really think that no word will do. Even thinking about it moves me to the extent of crying sometimes.... That is if I'd let myself go... which I try not to do all to often. It just moves me to no end... There aren't any words that I can say that will do the whole experience justice...
All I'm saying is: ".............................." I'm lost for words to describe. (Rare occasion I might add).

Then another thing that I'll surely remember forever is my grandmother passing away while I was in Berlin. Enough said, I suppose. Another proof of contrasts defining life I guess.

All in all, I think I should consider myself lucky. Every now and then something less fortunate happens to me. But that only goes to show I'm no different from any other person alive. Everyone gets their share.... In my opinion if you try to find a way to grow through each and every experience you have, however bad it may seem at the time, you'll achieve. If you give life your best, luck will always find its way to you. hm sounds like lyrics.... uhm ...
writing, not always as easy as it seems
Nah... not now. Not in the mood, don't have the time. I can always look back into this journal afterwards.

Right now I have to get ready to leave.
My mom told me that some old-time friends of hers asked to get together. I'm looking forward to it. I'm such a melancholic sometimes... but then again... If looking back can make you happy... I guess everything is still quite ok, right? :)

This should be enough for today. I just thought I'd fill you in for now. I'll tell you more about the love parade as soon as I have some pictures to go with it. (Steve? .... Sylvia?)

Take care everyone!

Posted by Marsha at July 23, 2003 03:26 PM

is everything ok? where are you

Posted by: russ c on July 29, 2003 05:08 PM
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