July 03, 2003
Off to bed.

My guestbook seems to be an easy target for people who wish to advertise their site lately.
I wouldn't mind so much if these particular "advertisers" would really have a sort of respectable content, but the thing is THEY USUALLY DON'T.
Now I could get really annoyed by this, but I won't cuz it's really not worth the effort and I can use my energy for a much more useful purpose than to rant about something no one can do a thing about.

In stead, I just delete them. I doubt the advertisers get a lot of visitors through the link in my guestbook. I delete them the very same day, so there's really no or little use to spamming in my guestbook.
There are plenty of opportunities to advertise your site, I really don't understand why they don't use that instead of wasting time to have their link in my guestbook (or other non-related sites' guestbook for that matter) knowing that they are going to get erased ASAP.

But hey it's not my effort going to waste.

Anyway, that will all be over soon as the new site is up.
(well it should be over that is, and if it isn't it will definitely be reduced to a minimum.)

On a happier note: my car is fixed, my car is fixed, my car is fixed, my car is fixed.

I'm off to bed now. It's getting kinda late again.


Posted by Marsha at July 03, 2003 01:47 AM
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