August 25, 2003

Today I received a brochure from the dance organization I tried to register for last year.
Last year I planned to go and take belly dance classes. Unfortunately their class was completely full before it even started. All places were reserved.

Now I received a brochure about this year's classes. Only thing is they cost 115 and I don't know whether or not I can afford them with tax payments coming up soon and all.
Although... maybe I can deduct them next year cuz after all I am a performer and it's bound to be beneficial for my performance skills right?

hm... something to think about.
I really want to take the classes though. I'll have to think about it for a while.

I know, I know, I shouldn't wait too long cuz otherwise the class could be full again... just like last year, and that would really suck.

Oh well, I'll probably do it... I don't know. Probably will. ...

I'll let you know what I decide.

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August 19, 2003

I've had an incredible headache. It's been going on for two days already. It started yesterday morning, and I still can't bear to look at this screen to be honest.
I've been laying down just about the entire day. But I promised an entry so here it is.

This is the kind of headache you just have to sit out I suppose.
Every little step I take pounds in my head.
I'm just going to lay down for the day, go to bed early.
I'll write to you tomorrow.


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August 17, 2003

Last time I said I would tell you all about the performance of Moloko.

I'd love to tell all of you what it was like. However, even though I did go to the city center with my friends, I didn't get to see them. no
Moloko was top of the bill that night. They had a pretty good line-up for that night: "Krezip", "Anouk", "The Cardigans" and "The Pretenders" among others.
They closed down the entrance at about 5.30 pm while Moloko was only to start at 11.40pm. Unfortunately we only got there at about 9pm. So we couldn't get in anymore, because there were already 13.000 people at the event.

Sad but true. And I was looking forward to it too!!!
I'll have the opportunity to go see them some other time, I hope.

I'll write again Monday night at latest.

Take care!!!!


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August 15, 2003

Just got back from "MarktRock". It's a festival that practically takes place on my doorstep.
We, that is my sister, her partner, and myself, went to see Ozark Henry, K's Choice, and my sister wanted to see the Discobar Galaxie.

I'm absolutely impressed by K's Choice. They moved me to tears with every word they sang, and every note they played. That's how good it was.
That's what I would call a definite high-quality group of artists.
I'm glad and proud to say that K's Choice is originally a Belgian band. They were the best ones tonight if you ask me. Ozark Henry was good too, just not all of his songs have that same hit potential, as it was the case for K's Choice. Discobar Galaxie is just not really my thing I guess. I can understand how they entertain a crowd, they're good entertainers, but they're not creating any music of their own. That's where they kinda lost me in a way. They were just doing a dj set, and not a very good one I might add. I just seemed as if they're act was some sort of joke that kinda got out of hand or something. Like they never planned on becoming real performers, and they never will consider it as more than just a joke. I don't know. I'm not sure what they're intentions are, were. They entertained the crowd and I guess that IS the main purpose of a performing artist. So in that way they did succeed.

But every person on stage today has his/her very own style and it's always nice to see some new approach to things. Whether or not it's really your personal style/genre doesn't really matter, as an artist you can always and should always learn, no matter how big the gap between your personal style and the one your watching is.

But anyway I'm beat right now. I really need to get some sleep.
Tomorrow I'm likely to go and see Moloko performing in the city center. Should be great too right?

Right now I'm really too tired to write any more than all this.
I'll write about Moloko too if I go.

Talk to you tomorrow.


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August 13, 2003
Finally posted

Finally I managed to post this entry... after postponing I finally posted. (dumb humor)

It's not that nothing happened, cuz tons of things happened.
Unfortunately, the weather has been unbearably hot out here, and this while I have so much to do. So my house hold chores take a lot longer than originally planned, consequently I wind up writing very late in the evening and being too tired to actually finish it. Although, its too hot to even think to be honest, so this tiredness is quite common I think. The same goes for the chores taking longer than planned. I think.
Ok I guess I should admit that Im probably a bit too much of a critic when it comes to my own writings.

Here's some of the stuff that happened.

Surprising Morning Appearance
It was really early in the morning. It must have been about 8 a.m. or half past 7. I was just making myself a sandwich in the kitchen when all of a sudden I hear a man shouting to someone... someone probably all the way down to the end of the street I think. Anyway, I checked through the window shades to see what the fuss was really.
I shook my head in disbelieve. Looked back into the kitchen, then back to the appearance I had just witnessed outside.
I did see it correctly... there was in fact a naked man walking down the street, shouting (probably not aware of the fact that this draws attention -> thus more people seeing him.

What's even more surprising about him walking down the street naked is the fact that he was carrying his pants in his hand. !!!! ... uhm.... !!!! You could, of course try wearing the piece of clothing, covering up the particular parts of your body one should really cover up.
Some way to wake up!!!
Then I couldn't help but wonder what could possibly have preceded his naked promenade down the street. ... I mean, SOMETHING must have happened, right?

Story about my Index.
It sounds like a business report of some sort or something like that anyway. Lol.
Yesterday, early in the evening I was cleaning the house. I started in the evening because it's really too hot during the daytime. Anyway, I was cutting up cardboard boxes so I could put all of my paper trash outside, cuz tomorrow they're coming to pick up plastics and paper.

The use of a word like "cutting" should already ring a bell for you. I admit.... I'm stupid. This is not the first time that it happened to me that I cut myself while cutting up cardboard boxes. It happened once before, about two years ago.
Afterwards I was thinking about my reaction to cutting myself again today. lol. First thing that crossed my mind, after "aaah" that is, was "how on earth can I manage to cut myself (again), by doing exactly the same thing that I was doing when this happened the last timerolleyes with the same kind of knife. These Stanley knives are terribly sharp. The previous cut was in my thumb, this one ran from the middle joint to the base of my index. Not a nice picture I might add. I searched for something to press onto the cut and then tried to find the number for the doctor on call. Which is not an easy task it seems.

That cut in my thumb a while ago, they glued that back together again. My index apparently wasn't that badly damaged. The doctor just cleaned the cut, taped it, put a bandage around my hand.... probably partly to make sure I wouldn't bend my finger all the way cuz it's really quite inflexible I might say. Quite annoying with this kind of weather...

All the way to the doctor's office I was "really looking forward" to the wonderful feeling I'd have when they check to see how deep the cut really is. You gotta love that... Yeah, right.

Aside from all of this, I'm ok. Sometimes I wonder if I should shake my foot to see if my brain falls out. Still can't believe how I could cut myself again!!!

The weather is really getting to me, I can hardly sleep, I can hardly eat... plus apparently it's affecting my brain cuz I keep doing silly things and all that. lol.

Take care.


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