December 31, 2003

Well this has been quite a day. Busy making arrangements for the "party" that I'm having at my place tonight.
This is really just a quick entry especially for my best friend Tom Lomino.

I'm stupefied by the gift I got from Tom this year. Wow! That's all I can say. You said you couldn't top last year's gift, well, you just about did, only this is a different sort of gift really. Can't compare.

Last year he registered a star to my name. This brought tears to my eyes honestly, that was one of the best gifts I ever got from anyone. So now there's a star in Cassiopeia that's called Martine Theeuwen. :)
Incredible gift to my opinion.

Then today I went to my mom's cuz I had to be in that town anyway to pick up the dish for tonight.
I opened the present that Tom sent to my mom's. All I could really say was Wow!

About a week ago, I told one of my friend that there was only one thing that I would really like to have which I knew I wouldn't get from anyone around this time of the year: a book and/or CD's of Anthony Robbins.

Well I guess, you proved me wrong Tom.

You must be psychic or something.

I couldn't possible think of anything that has the same value as all the things you've sent me.

You are too sweet.

Just wait until you get my present by (delayed) mail.


Posted by Marsha at 05:16 PM
December 27, 2003
To the Movies

Tonight I went to see Lord of the Rings (the Return of the King). Besides the fact that it was a looooooooooong movie, I really didn't think it was all that good.
To my opinion, they could have told the story in less time, two parts at most. When you've seen the first two parts of the trilogy, you've seen just about all. Before the break I was quite bored, it seemed to be stretched tremendously. After the break the story finally starts evolving. Once the story gets started, the movie starts getting good. (It only took too long to my opinion.) It's really kinda predictable too.
Nonetheless, if you went to see the first two, you have to go and see the last part too.

That's what I did today. When I got home one of the Star Wars movies was on. I'm thinking what the title of this one is cuz I don't have a tv guide for this week. I'd check teletext but I really can't bother.
I'm too tired.
I've got a tremendous headache cuz the sound in the theater was so incredibly loud (the way it's supposed to I guess).

Nothing more I can really say, and feel like saying today, cuz the screen is WAY too bright right now.

Have a good one.

Bye bye.

Take Care,

Posted by Marsha at 10:41 PM
December 26, 2003
Merry Christmas!

First of all, Merry Christmas!!!
Secondly, remember the Christmas Skateparade? Didn't happen... Nothing but rain all day. We meet up over there cuz it practically the other side of the country, the weather's sometimes different over there. Could have been better over in the Eastern part of the country, but it wasn't.
So we ended up spending the day watching TV and DVDs. Asterix and Obelix (or whatever that's called in English... hm... kinda makes me wonder... do you know them at all over in the states and all???) anyway, we watched Asterix and Obelix first. Then after that we watched Blade, a movie about vampires and such with Wesley Snipes.
You gotta love Wesley Snipes as an actor. Even back then cuz it's an old movie really.

Then there was Christmas.
I sincerely hope everyone had a great day. I've received a lot more gifts than I expected. On top of that I could actually use ALL of the gifts. Honestly, I could hardly believe that people actually bought me things I was hoping to get. WITHOUT SUBTLE HINTS or anything like that for that matter. I swear I didn't tell anyone anything of what I was planning to buy some time soon or things that I had put off buying for some time. Odd, is the least you could say. Perhaps they just noticed things I needed or something. I don't know.

So anyway, I hope everyone had a great Christmas.
As for New Year Eve, I'm organizing a "party" at my place. We start with "gourmet". Don't know if they actually do that in other countries all that much. Everyone can bake little pieces of meat, chicken or whatever in their own little pan. Did anyone do this? If so, any useful advice or tips as to how I could make the evening even better? I've already ordered the meat and stuff, French bread, vegetables.

That's it for now.
Be safe for New Years.

Take Care,
ps. Tom!!! thanks for the compliment in the comment!!! You know I admire you already so needless to say, this is yet another one on the list of your great personality traits.

Posted by Marsha at 11:35 PM
December 20, 2003

Tomorrow I'm going to the Christmas skateparade in Hasselt.
I sincerely hope it won't rain tomorrow, cuz that would mean the event would be cancelled. Regardless of what happens, I'll let you know how the day was.

It will be before noon. That means GETTING UP REALLY REALLY EARLY.
Ugh. That's usually the disadvantage collective activities, it always starts before noon or close to noon anyway.

Take Care

Posted by Marsha at 06:58 PM
December 18, 2003

Commercials are annoying me to death... almost.
It seems like it's getting worse and worse, day after day.

I wonder when they'll get to the point that they're broadcasting more commercials than actual programs... if that isn't already the case that is.

There are at least 4 commercial breaks during one show. THAT IS SAD.

Is there some sort of shortage, some sort of demand for good television shows that is not being met or something, cuz this is simply going to far.

It's just enervating, every time a movie or a show really starts to move along in the story, they just cut to commercials. Really enervating.

This entire entry is written and re-written during one episode of commercials.

I'll have to wait till the show starts again.

Anyways, I'm going back just to make sure I'm in time for the show to start again.

I'll talk to you later.

Take care,


Posted by Marsha at 08:52 PM
December 13, 2003
3 Favorites

For some time I've been thinking whether or not it would be interesting for people to see some sort of "favorite tracks" list here in my journal. I didn't think it would be interesting enough to make it an actual regularly returning feature here.

But at this time there is one track I really really like and I do believe that it definitely deserves to be mentioned... Good music should get a lot more recognition than it recently has been getting, IMHO. There's enough rubbish that's being promoted all over the place (no one knows why!!)

Anyone, one of the tracks I feel should get some more attention is "As the rush comes" by Motorcycle. I simple love that track. The atmosphere created within that song is enchanting to say the least. I guess I'm just all for headroom, you know...

I like being able to think while listening to music without all my senses being numbed out by the clutter in all possible frequencies. Some songs I don't even consider music anymore.
Of course that's just a matter of opinion, right?
Sometimes I wonder whether anyone in the industry ever heard of the expression "less is more". It's a very true fact. Sometimes a song will get better by removing something, rather than adding something.

Sometimes I wonder what people are really thinking about while making music....

Anyway, back to the topic. I have a couple of favorite tracks. The first is "As the rush comes" by Motorcycle, and the second is "Don't need you" by Sweet Coffee. Again THE HEADROOM!!!
Another kinda funky track is "The Magic Key" by One-T & Cool-T. Really funky, not just like every other track.

So those are some of my current favorites, which I think are definitely worth listening to.

Take care everyone,
And enjoy the weekend.


Posted by Marsha at 04:57 PM
December 11, 2003
Another rainy day

Someone must have heard me talking about advantages of no snow... still being able to skate and all. It's raining.
bad luck
Guess they've decided to make it a little bit more difficult for me to skate.

That's level 5 skating... on slippery surfaces. lol.
Pretty dangerous too, considering the slopes we have out here in Leuven.

But let's assume I've become pretty good at skating. Knowing that I always wear the kneepads, elbowpads, wristpads and helmet and stuff... I'll be ok. That is if people driving cars drive safely too.
Which unfortunately isn't always the case.

Btw my car should get to the garage again some time soon cuz i had them order something, paid for it already and stuff so I have to make sure i get someone to drive me there unless I go by skates again...

It's just that the weather is so darn unreliable...

Maybe my mom or my sister can make the time... I'll have to ask.
That's it for today though.
I'm going to the store cuz I need fresh mushrooms to make dinner, at least for the dinner i intended to make I need them.

Posted by Marsha at 03:52 PM
December 06, 2003
Snow in Long Island

Tom Lomino, my friend from Long Island NY, told me that they've got snow over there... well aren't they the lucky ones?
Never mind the sarcasm.
I'm happy for everyone who really gets a white Christmas.

Searching for a bright side of not having snow around Christmas time... ... still searching... ...
ok: It sucks to drive a car when it snows anyway so... the bright side of this lack of snow is that we're all a little bit safer without the slippery roads.
Although, it would be typically Belgium to get snow around New Year. You know, that time when every one needs snow like another hole in their head, cuz they have to drive their car to and from parties, visit relatives and all ... That's when we'll get snow I bet...
Mark my words...

lol ... either way ... I can't complain... cuz i found yet another positive side to no snow... as long as the roads are dry I can still use my skates.
And that, in fact, does make me happy. It's sort of like exercise for me. And I like that.

So anyway, have fun in the snow. I'll think of you while skating.


p.s. although ...a little tiny bit of snow for Christmas would be incredibly welcome... just to give the town a bit of a nostalgic glow you know? So maybe just a little bit perhaps...???? If at all possible... that would be nice thank you.
If you live in NY... send me a snowball.

Posted by Marsha at 04:10 AM
December 01, 2003

This weekend I went to see "Finding Nemo". It's quite good. But I guess it's just a matter of opinion either way, cuz there aren't that many adults who really like animated movies... or at least adults who won't admit they like disney movies an the likes.
at the movies

I hate to think about the search phrases this entry might get me though...
Can't help but be afraid that the words I used in this entry might get the wrong kind of people winding up here. I mean, the mere use of adult might even be too much.

Isn't it annoying that one should actually watch out for using words that might have "another sort of" meaning too? Quite annoying if you ask me.

Anyway, "Finding Nemo" was really nice. But that just my personal taste I guess, me, as in "I went to see the Lion King twice at the movie theater" kind of me. lol
Hope everything is alright for everyone.

ps. I'm catching up with replying emails so, just a little bit of patience for those of you wondering whether I'm still alive.

Take Care,
Posted by Marsha at 05:59 PM