November 27, 2003
opposite effect?

Anyone using Yahoo! 's email service will know about the "extra" anti-spam service they've added to the accounts. Everyone can report all spam now, and every report helps their fight against spam... or so they say.

To my opinion the spam issue grown tremendously since I've started reporting every spam mail to yahoo. ... Or is this just me?

Either way they really should do something about this cuz this is getting annoying... better said, it's way past annoying.

Somehow I'm not buying it. Their anti-spam policy seems to have the opposite effect if you ask me. sadly_sighing

But, once again, it could be just me, as usual, with my "unlucky" free online email accounts. One of my previous yahoo accounts was broken into one day.
Someone clearly found his/her way into my account, and conveniently used it to send spam.

How did I find out? Return emails for invalid emails and such which I received in my mailbox.

I reported this too, but at that time, "ghosting" couldn't really be prevented somehow according to the yahoo customer service.

Oh well, we'll see what happens.

Take care,

ps. S.Ambrose, are you still alive?

Posted by Marsha at 10:01 PM
November 25, 2003
Finally Fixed

Maybe I already told you about it, maybe I didn't. I don't really recall.
There was a crack in the windscreen of my car. It had been there since last winter I think.

I finally had it fixed now. After waiting since summer for a silly phone call from the garage to tell me that the windscreen was in, I decided to give them a ring myself. Apparently it had been there since June. Then why didn't they call me? Right? Well, doesn't really matter anymore now. It's fixed now.

I had to take my car there, skate back, and then when it was done I skated there and drove back home in my car. That's the disadvantage of living so far from my family I guess.
Quite a disadvantage I might add.
Fall isn't really the season of choice to skate, especially through this busy traffic that I had to skate through today. If it would have been a road with an acceptable surface for skating that would have been great. Unfortunately this wasn't the case.

Even the pedestrians part of the road was too bad to skate on, that is, if there was one!!!

Anyway, I'm gonna take a shower now, cuz I'm sweaty all over cuz of the "hellish" skate trip I just finished.
I'm tired.
I think I'm just gonna take a shower, make myself some hot chocolate and then bunk out in front of the tv.

Yeah that sounds like a plan doesn't it.

Just do nothing for once... if I can. I'm physically beat, so I can't do much around the house or on the computer anyway.

I'll write some more the day after tomorrow.

Take care everyone,

Posted by Marsha at 07:16 PM