October 30, 2003
It's moving!!!

My cousin had a baby. Really cute one too!!!
I went to see her and her baby the day before yesterday.
The baby's name is Bryan. Nice name don't you think.

Either way, I asked her to send me a picture of the baby so I could post it here in my journal, but I guess she forgot. It's ok though. I guess she's really busy with the baby and all.

My cousin has asked her brother to be the godfather of the baby. When he came to visit her for the first time in the hospital, and he held the baby for the first time, he said "it's moving!"

lol. IT???? and I guess you could call it a good thing that the baby was really moving lol. Wouldn't that be odd, not to mention worrying if it wouldn't lol.

Anyway, that's all for now.
My statement for today: Baby's are cute. smiling

Patricia if you read this, please send me the picture of Bryan so I can post it with this entry.

I'm off now. I'm going to run to the store to pick up a few things.

Take care everyone.


Posted by Marsha at 04:19 PM
October 16, 2003
"bummer cake"

Well, that 'll show me. lol.
yesterday I decided to make a cake for my friend.
I did my very best and the cake tastes delicious. (piece of cake chef heheh)

Now I've come to find that my friend isn't really that much of a "cake-person". Not that he doesn't like cake, but it's not really like he loves it or anything.

I guess I should have asked whether or not he liked cake before I started huh.

Oh well.
I'm just gonna give it to my other friends when they come over to celebrate my birthday (which was on October 7th btw, for those who forgot "it's all good". I have a tendency to forget birthday's as well. Well I usually remember the birthday like a week ahead but the day itself it just slips my mind. )

Anyway, anyone who feels like eating cake, feel free to stop by my place.

I'm gonna go now and watch tv. Maybe i'll write some more later.

bye bye
Take care.


Posted by Marsha at 08:28 PM