December 06, 2003
Snow in Long Island

Tom Lomino, my friend from Long Island NY, told me that they've got snow over there... well aren't they the lucky ones?
Never mind the sarcasm.
I'm happy for everyone who really gets a white Christmas.

Searching for a bright side of not having snow around Christmas time... ... still searching... ...
ok: It sucks to drive a car when it snows anyway so... the bright side of this lack of snow is that we're all a little bit safer without the slippery roads.
Although, it would be typically Belgium to get snow around New Year. You know, that time when every one needs snow like another hole in their head, cuz they have to drive their car to and from parties, visit relatives and all ... That's when we'll get snow I bet...
Mark my words...

lol ... either way ... I can't complain... cuz i found yet another positive side to no snow... as long as the roads are dry I can still use my skates.
And that, in fact, does make me happy. It's sort of like exercise for me. And I like that.

So anyway, have fun in the snow. I'll think of you while skating.


p.s. although ...a little tiny bit of snow for Christmas would be incredibly welcome... just to give the town a bit of a nostalgic glow you know? So maybe just a little bit perhaps...???? If at all possible... that would be nice thank you.
If you live in NY... send me a snowball.

Posted by Marsha at December 06, 2003 04:10 AM

GET OVER HERE and Help Me shovel!!!! Ahhhh Evil White Stuff!!!

Posted by: Tom on December 6, 2003 04:24 PM
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