December 13, 2003
3 Favorites

For some time I've been thinking whether or not it would be interesting for people to see some sort of "favorite tracks" list here in my journal. I didn't think it would be interesting enough to make it an actual regularly returning feature here.

But at this time there is one track I really really like and I do believe that it definitely deserves to be mentioned... Good music should get a lot more recognition than it recently has been getting, IMHO. There's enough rubbish that's being promoted all over the place (no one knows why!!)

Anyone, one of the tracks I feel should get some more attention is "As the rush comes" by Motorcycle. I simple love that track. The atmosphere created within that song is enchanting to say the least. I guess I'm just all for headroom, you know...

I like being able to think while listening to music without all my senses being numbed out by the clutter in all possible frequencies. Some songs I don't even consider music anymore.
Of course that's just a matter of opinion, right?
Sometimes I wonder whether anyone in the industry ever heard of the expression "less is more". It's a very true fact. Sometimes a song will get better by removing something, rather than adding something.

Sometimes I wonder what people are really thinking about while making music....

Anyway, back to the topic. I have a couple of favorite tracks. The first is "As the rush comes" by Motorcycle, and the second is "Don't need you" by Sweet Coffee. Again THE HEADROOM!!!
Another kinda funky track is "The Magic Key" by One-T & Cool-T. Really funky, not just like every other track.

So those are some of my current favorites, which I think are definitely worth listening to.

Take care everyone,
And enjoy the weekend.


Posted by Marsha at December 13, 2003 04:57 PM
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