December 18, 2003

Commercials are annoying me to death... almost.
It seems like it's getting worse and worse, day after day.

I wonder when they'll get to the point that they're broadcasting more commercials than actual programs... if that isn't already the case that is.

There are at least 4 commercial breaks during one show. THAT IS SAD.

Is there some sort of shortage, some sort of demand for good television shows that is not being met or something, cuz this is simply going to far.

It's just enervating, every time a movie or a show really starts to move along in the story, they just cut to commercials. Really enervating.

This entire entry is written and re-written during one episode of commercials.

I'll have to wait till the show starts again.

Anyways, I'm going back just to make sure I'm in time for the show to start again.

I'll talk to you later.

Take care,


Posted by Marsha at December 18, 2003 08:52 PM

yeah, the commercials are very annoying. But it doesn't bothers me much, because I mostly watch programs on VCR ;)

Posted by: Wim De Baere on December 19, 2003 08:29 PM
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