December 26, 2003
Merry Christmas!

First of all, Merry Christmas!!!
Secondly, remember the Christmas Skateparade? Didn't happen... Nothing but rain all day. We meet up over there cuz it practically the other side of the country, the weather's sometimes different over there. Could have been better over in the Eastern part of the country, but it wasn't.
So we ended up spending the day watching TV and DVDs. Asterix and Obelix (or whatever that's called in English... hm... kinda makes me wonder... do you know them at all over in the states and all???) anyway, we watched Asterix and Obelix first. Then after that we watched Blade, a movie about vampires and such with Wesley Snipes.
You gotta love Wesley Snipes as an actor. Even back then cuz it's an old movie really.

Then there was Christmas.
I sincerely hope everyone had a great day. I've received a lot more gifts than I expected. On top of that I could actually use ALL of the gifts. Honestly, I could hardly believe that people actually bought me things I was hoping to get. WITHOUT SUBTLE HINTS or anything like that for that matter. I swear I didn't tell anyone anything of what I was planning to buy some time soon or things that I had put off buying for some time. Odd, is the least you could say. Perhaps they just noticed things I needed or something. I don't know.

So anyway, I hope everyone had a great Christmas.
As for New Year Eve, I'm organizing a "party" at my place. We start with "gourmet". Don't know if they actually do that in other countries all that much. Everyone can bake little pieces of meat, chicken or whatever in their own little pan. Did anyone do this? If so, any useful advice or tips as to how I could make the evening even better? I've already ordered the meat and stuff, French bread, vegetables.

That's it for now.
Be safe for New Years.

Take Care,
ps. Tom!!! thanks for the compliment in the comment!!! You know I admire you already so needless to say, this is yet another one on the list of your great personality traits.

Posted by Marsha at December 26, 2003 11:35 PM
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