December 31, 2003

Well this has been quite a day. Busy making arrangements for the "party" that I'm having at my place tonight.
This is really just a quick entry especially for my best friend Tom Lomino.

I'm stupefied by the gift I got from Tom this year. Wow! That's all I can say. You said you couldn't top last year's gift, well, you just about did, only this is a different sort of gift really. Can't compare.

Last year he registered a star to my name. This brought tears to my eyes honestly, that was one of the best gifts I ever got from anyone. So now there's a star in Cassiopeia that's called Martine Theeuwen. :)
Incredible gift to my opinion.

Then today I went to my mom's cuz I had to be in that town anyway to pick up the dish for tonight.
I opened the present that Tom sent to my mom's. All I could really say was Wow!

About a week ago, I told one of my friend that there was only one thing that I would really like to have which I knew I wouldn't get from anyone around this time of the year: a book and/or CD's of Anthony Robbins.

Well I guess, you proved me wrong Tom.

You must be psychic or something.

I couldn't possible think of anything that has the same value as all the things you've sent me.

You are too sweet.

Just wait until you get my present by (delayed) mail.


Posted by Marsha at December 31, 2003 05:16 PM

Glad you liked it :) Everyone needs a little inspiration. You don't need much though, youre great already!

Posted by: Tom on January 3, 2004 02:49 AM

yeah, that's a very original gift? I also thought about it ti give it as a present. You can also buy a few square meters on the moon, mars, venus. and ofcourse also Stars :)

Posted by: Wim De Baere on January 8, 2004 11:08 PM
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