February 23, 2004
Quote for today.

A quote for today.

"good Music is heard, Great Music is felt"


Posted by Marsha at 11:27 AM
February 22, 2004

I didn't want to put this in the previous entry cuz I really want people to read this.
Yesterday I received an email from my guestbook service about a new entry.

This entry obviously was an i-frame which would actually send out a trojan to anyone who visited my guestbook.


You see, this really really really!!!!! pisses me off. madmad
WHY would anyone do something like this?
Childish, Ridiculous, Egocentric, there just aren't any words that I could actually describe this act with, that would do it justice. And that is not exactly meant as a compliment.

Either way, I'm sorry for the damage done to anyone who visited my guestbook.
It won't be long till I have another guestbook, one running from my own webspace, and not some free service. And this entry in my guestbook yesterday was one display of the disadvantages of free guestbook-services, and I'm not even mentioning the other disadvantages, cuz they fade with this malicious attack of yesterday. !

That's that.

Posted by Marsha at 01:59 AM

As you may, or may not, have noticed, my website was down for some time at the beginning of the month.
The server crashed. It happens, I guess.
I don't know that much about computers, let alone about servers.
But either way... I DID notice that my website wasn't there, and, same as you, I can say that, without a doubt, it is working now.

THANK YOU, BJORN for this AMAZINGLY swift fix!!! (I.O.U.)

There were so many things I wanted to write about... Isn't that really typical... When the server is down and there's no way on earth I can actually make an journal entry, that's when all the inspiration bubbles up. I really knew what to write, how to write it, and I really wanted to put it into my journal too!!!

Anyway, here are a couple of the things that I really wanted to say.

- Doctors aren't always as trustworthy as they should be.
I needed to rant about something that happened to my friend's grandmother. She's an older lady (obviously since she's my friend's grandma... duhuh!) and she got all these prescriptions from the doctor. Every time she went to see him, he added another one to the list... to the point where she was taking something like twenty pills a day!!!! Now that would be ok if "someone" would at least have checked whether or not these pills CAN be taken at the same time. This "doctor", although I prefer to call him a charlatan, most certainly didn't check anything of the sort. Because she had to be taken to the hospital. The side effects had been piling up for a long long time, and she was seriously ill because of all that additional, and especially artificially induced sickness. Thank you doctor... (good for him that I know his name cuz it would have been right here attached to this story if I did)

- Remember the songs that mentioned a little while ago?
"As the rush comes" by Motorcycle, was one of the current favorite songs I mentioned some time ago. I also wrote that I thought the song didn't get the recognition it should get in my opinion. Well, I guess I should have been a bit more patient with the media. It's all over the radio now, and they obviously picked up on the track everywhere.
I only noticed a difference for this particular track, I don't really know about the other ones.

I forgot everything else I was going to say, maybe it'll come back to me later on.


Posted by Marsha at 01:47 AM
February 03, 2004
Anthony Robbins

I'm listening to the CD's of Anthony Robbins at this time. The CD is called "Lessons in Mastery".
It all sounds so amazingly simple. And in a way it probably is, cuz we all have the ability to turn our lives around. The theory he speaks about is this:
"Success in life can only be measured by the level of our fulfilment.
We're only feel good about ourselves long term if we consistently increase the quality of our life
." It's about commiting ourselves to constant and neverending improvement. "CANI" That's the term he uses for it.
This is only the start of the program.

If I had to write down all things I feel could be of importance to other people, I would really be writing down just about all the things he says on the CD.
I would advise anyone to get this CD.

Tom!! ... once again.... Thanks for giving me this gift.... It's even better than I expected!

Posted by Marsha at 09:15 PM