February 03, 2004
Anthony Robbins

I'm listening to the CD's of Anthony Robbins at this time. The CD is called "Lessons in Mastery".
It all sounds so amazingly simple. And in a way it probably is, cuz we all have the ability to turn our lives around. The theory he speaks about is this:
"Success in life can only be measured by the level of our fulfilment.
We're only feel good about ourselves long term if we consistently increase the quality of our life
." It's about commiting ourselves to constant and neverending improvement. "CANI" That's the term he uses for it.
This is only the start of the program.

If I had to write down all things I feel could be of importance to other people, I would really be writing down just about all the things he says on the CD.
I would advise anyone to get this CD.

Tom!! ... once again.... Thanks for giving me this gift.... It's even better than I expected!

Posted by Marsha at February 03, 2004 09:15 PM