September 29, 2002
So sweet and innocent

Some time ago I was surfing the net and I found this image on some message board >>> face2.jpg

That's just adorable don't you think?
It looks so sweet and innocent.

If anyone knows who made this, send me an e-mail about it ok? ;)

Edited by Marsha 05-12-03: I removed the e-mail link considering the amount of spam I've been receiving.

Posted by Marsha at 08:26 PM
September 28, 2002
I'm Sorry

My guestbook... ugh... I'm so sorry for everyone who received e-mails from someone claiming that they are representing everyone who has something to do with ian van dahl.

I contacted the former boss of the record company and current manager of Ian Van Dahl to report this abuse. He claimed to know nothing about it.

I seriously regret the fact that everyone of you is really being pestered with things that I really believe is the last thing you should be bothered with as music lovers. It's is bad enough that artists have to deal with the business side of music.

My deepest apologies to everyone who has been bothered with e-mails through my guestbook.

The so called representatives for Ian Van Dahl and Co are not who they say they are. The record company did not know about this and even thought, just like me that those e-mails were a disgrace to the music loving minds.

I'm sorry.


Posted by Marsha at 06:28 AM