August 26, 2002
Don't know why

Can anyone make sense of everything in this world?
Sometimes it just seems to me that everything is just so unreasonable, not logical you know?
Everyone I talk to seems to be thinking the same as me yet, everyone seems to act according to quite the opposite.

Let me explain this for you, with some examples:
If everyone is thinking that long term business relationships are valuable, and a lot more valuable then ripping off someone for the short term profit of it, then why are people still being ripped off? It just doesn't make sense.

If everyone thinks that talent and being nice to people should be rewarded in the long run... well why isn't everybody being nice? why isn't everyone doing there very best for everyone.

It just doesn't make sense.
It just doesn't. But I guess these are of course minor problems. There are of course bigger issues in the world.
On a lighter note; It's beautiful outside today. Lots of sun, nice temperature. I'm sitting here with the windows and doors open, listening to the radio and writing in my journal trying to get something decent on the screen for you.
Well... before I really start talking about the weather ... might as well quit while i'm ahead right?
I'll try to write some more tonight, when the day is done and who knows ... maybe something exciting will have happened. :)

Posted by Marsha at 08:04 PM
August 10, 2002
Very true Quote!!!

A pessimist is someone who complains about the noise when opportunity knocks.


p.s. if you wanna read some more go here

Posted by Marsha at 10:51 AM
August 01, 2002
Or else

Hm, I was just looking at my journal here... One of the titles that is... "Just like everyone else"
I kind of rephrased it a bit... "Just like everyone else OR ELSE" Don't you think that these days people hardly ever get a chance to become what they want to be...
I mean there's not a lot of space, room for someone to have a go at achieving a dream. People (whoever that may be) insist on putting the emphasis on their wealth in the future.

This is something I think about quite frequently ... Just to keep in touch with myself and what i really want. I mean if I would settle for mediocrity and never strife for what I dream of, if I don't even try to have a go at what i used to want to .... would i feel my life is worth living then.

I agree that people should check whether or not something is really worth it but ONLY IF there's a extraordinary sacrifice or risk involved...

However hard I try, I just don't really understand how people can just reside with living an "average" life,
It just doesn't appeal to me to be shuffling my feet in my old ragged slippers in front of a stove gazing at the fire during wintertime ... thinking about how fast time made me old and grey ... thinking about what could have been should have been might have been .... IF ONLY i had taken my chance that one time, way back when ...

Am i a dreamer??? - Probably.
Am I wrong for going after my dreams??? - Don't think so.
Am I different from everyone else??? - Dont think so. Everyone has dreams, don't they?
The only thing that i think might be a difference is maybe that people often feel they're not allowed to go after their dreams... and they feel as if they're too much of a dreamer... unfortunately people are not easily set free to go after their dreams...

My dream is helping people see that they matter as a person, that no one really is alone in how they feel, there are plenty of people who have feelings similar to yours and I hope to bring you together through my lyrics and singing.

You could say I have a "mission" ... My mission is to help you find eachother. I hope I can make a difference in the world, I hope I can reduce the amount of lonely people in the world, I hope to be of some worth to some people somewhere.

I hope to be different.


Posted by Marsha at 09:35 PM