July 26, 2002
Real to life.

Hmm... I've been looking at this screen for a long time now. I've even been doing some research *surfing to find blogs* as to how this kind of blogs manage to stay interesting.

Quite a few have managed to be intriguing, interesting, some sad...
One that i personally consider as one of the best is "the mighty geek". He's one of those people who's not expressing extremes but still manages to make things interesting enough to get you hooked.

(note to self: add a few links to interesting blogs to the bookmarks)

I guess it all comes down to making your journal something that's real. It's not about extremes, not about showing off how incredibly fabulous your life is, cuz .... it simply isn't. No one has a perfect life and someone who says he/she does ... well... they're lying.

So I guess i'll giving you some random thoughts, feelings and stuff like that in this journal. Don't expect stories about how great life is, don't expect depressing stories... There might be times when things sound great, but there will be times when things just aren't the way i want them to be. And I won't keep those things from you because :
This is a journal where you can find out about me, written in a way that's .... real to life.


Posted by Marsha at 11:00 PM
just like everyone else?

Hopefully I'm not wrong when i think everyone probably has those times where they kind of need to push themselves to actually do something. It's like you know it needs to get done, but you just can't get around to doing it. It's always nice if there are some people around who support you so much in what you really want out of life, that they keep an eye on you and what you have to do (and what you are and especially AREN'T doing)

Anyway, I've been stalling stuff... like i said ... so I should get started doing those things: I've got books to read, e-mails to write and songs to finish so...
Let's get started!


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July 17, 2002
"You will never find time

"You will never find time for anything. You must make it. "
- Charles Buxton -
(1823-1871, British Author)

Posted by Marsha at 03:47 PM