After a couple of years spent developing her vocal qualities and making industry contacts, she got close to a first release, if it wasn't for favoritism. Instead, this opportunity made her realize for the first time showbusiness is a tough world. But with the support of her close friends she continued fighting for the dream she believed in.

Some time later on she called some musicians who announced in a radio show that they were looking for a singer with experience in dance music and got a voice test. She came out best. So she started to work in that studio on a weekly bases. This was also the time that she started to attend private vocal courses. One of the conditions to get a true chance to sing a demo tape was making up the lyrics herself. This is when she created the vocal melody and the lyrics of her debut: "Castles in the sky".

Besides the bad car accident that she got into on the way to the final recording session and the fact that she had to quit her job to be able to make it there, everything was looking wonderful. Back then she didn't know about all the complications and disappointments "Castles in the Sky" would bring along with the success.

The record company decided to put someone else on stage, for no apparent reason it seemed. There wasn't anything she was able to do or say, that would make them change their mind, since they never intended for her to be on stage, ...ever.

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