Torn apart by all the deceit, she saw here dream passing her by and being handed over to someone else who would get all the appreciation for all she had worked for. Not being fully credited in any way by the record company, she got devastated. Although they still had the guts to request a follow up, Marsha nicely turned it down as she had completely lost her faith in their fake promises.

Emotionally upset and in need of a new perspective on life, she even gave up all singing for a while. The Belgian music industry knew she was the real singer and numerous offers came to her from all sides. She started to search for appreciation on the internet, and noticed that her part was vital for the song's amazing success. She started to sing again for a couple of people and gained a little confidence again that way.

One day she came across a forum where a couple of DJ's were discussing "Castles in the Sky". One of them mentioned a DJ's website: She decided to sign the guestbook just to show appreciation, not knowing she would be getting a lot of response out of that.

DJ Russ Reign and Marsha started to mail and chat over the net and when Russ found out about all the deceit, he and his friend Justin Time started to spread the word around. Russ' manager Ernie Sierra stood up for her telling his booking agency about the fraud and the real deal. After the fake act really failed to fool the USA, she got the offer to perform her own song.

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