November 02, 2002
Dress You Up

Today I was watching music videos on
I started watching Madonna’s videos. Jeezzz, she really made a lot of videos … not to mention the amount of concerts and performances she’s done. Madonna's website also shows a nice collection of magazine covers she's been on... not to mention the tons of different looks she's had!!!

Anyway, I came across the music video of her song called “Dress you up”. Now, THAT was a walk down memory lane for me. Seems like ages ago, but I can clearly remember rehearsing this song as a little kid. Studying all the steps and movements she makes in that video… lol it’s too funny thinking about it now.
Let me share a picture with you here. This is me.
(just click the thumbnail for a pop-up with a larger version)

My mom had made me a Madonna outfit for this contest. I just LOVED that outfit. It had a cross of (imitation) diamonds on it. I'm not wearing my long black gloves without fingers in this picture, but at the performance I was fully “Madonna dressed”. lol I guess you could say I was dressing up to perform “Dress you up”.
I can even remember how I did the movement with the microphone stand back then. That didn’t really work that well, but hey, I was a kid back then. lol. Considering that this was the first time that I did this particular song… I also remember how I didn't win the contest that time, but some organistion came back a couple of months later to ask whether or not I wanted to perform at their event... Go Figure!!!

Either way, who would have thought that I would eventually end up making performing and singing my profession. Here's a picture of me at one of my shows. (click the thumbnail for a popup with a larger version.)
I guess this only goes to show that you shouldn't just give up on your childhood dreams so easily.

At least give it your best to make your dreams come true... they deserve it.


Posted by Marsha at November 02, 2002 10:58 PM