All my Fans

Your tremendous support made me realize the true reason why
I love being a singer/songwriter and performing artist .

You are the reason why I will never give up.
You are the drive that keeps me going
I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

My Friends in the USA and Canada:

Russ and Justin for telling the Truth, for making it happen for me in the USA and,
last but certainly not least for the wonderful result of our cooperation.
Marino for his talented contribution in the studio
Ernie for the realization of the tour in the USA
Erika and Margot for being such great dancers to work with
Jenni and Sunshine for being my close friends and counselors
Tom Lomino for being there for me.
Steve Ambrose (CA), David Miclat (USA), Freda (CA)

My Family and Friends in Belgium:

Thanks for the continuous Support, it means a lot to me.

To my mother, my father and my sister.
Bjorn Dieu and Rita Bollen and Yvan Dieu
Lieve leonaers,
Gwen Ketelslagers, Steve Stoffels,
Steven Lijnen, Sylvia Trippas, Tina Appeltans
"NEXIZ" aka Steve (thanks for "Eternity"), Wim Serneels,
Gert (Discobar-Leuven), Wim Bervoets (www.dancevibes.be),
Franky Van Hout, Francis Van Mechelen, Dirk Vervenne

For all the people who I did not mention here: you know who you are.

I will always remember those who saved my Castle in the Sky
"I will always remember."

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